Ex moon 2

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Ex moon 2
Art. No.: IN-ES03002
Description :
Outdoor lamp
E27 (max 105w hal-eco)
rec. CFL 33w
IP 65
Dimension :
Ø 70 cm
Finish :
laprene, nebulite
Made in Italy
(refer to the picture, the one with medium size)


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Light becomes matter and symbol.
The inspiration comes from the moon.
Italian artist Oçilunam brings the celestial galaxy into our homes with his label In-es.artdesign, with the lunar surface looming large in his creative skies.
The moon’s mysteries are the model for the Luna (moon) lighting collection, constructed of Nebulite, a specially developed material that mimics the uneven, softly luminescent qualities of the moon’s surface.
Balancing an interplay of light and shadow with a carefully selected contrast of internal and external materials, these lamps' reinterpretation of the moon has made a splash across the international design scene.
 A mix of art and design, to illuminate even the darkest night.

EX.MOON (outdoor) and FLOOR MOON (indoor)
Since way before Georges Mèliès' imagination flew a spaceship into its eye, the moon's fascinating pull has left us mortals wondering how such a faraway object can have such a deep influence over life on Earth. The luminous objects by Italian designer and artist Oçilunam bring this little piece of the heavens within human reach.
FLOOR MOON 1, 2, 3 - EX.MOON 1,2,3
Lampada da terra in Nebulite® bianco e policarbonato.

Floor moon 1/Ex.moon 1 (IP 65)
Ø 50 cm (E27 (max 70w hal-eco) rec. LED 13w)
Floor moon 2/Ex.moon 2 (IP 65)
Ø 70 cm (E27 (max 105w hal-eco) rec. LED 33w)
Floor moon 3/Ex.moon 3 (IP 65)
Ø 120 cm (E27 (max 105w hal-eco) rec. LED 33w)

Lamps will be supplied without light-bulbs.

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